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FSSC 22000 Internal Auditor

Learn how to start in the amazing practice of auditing food safety management systems (FSMS). Get understanding of the principles and responsibilities of an internal auditor. Put your hands on the job and play the role of an auditor while auditing a FSMS. Benefit from practicing by the hand of one of our highly experienced tutors.


This training course is FSSC 22000 recognized and Exemplar Global certified.

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The most important verification tool in a FSMS is the internal audit program. Internal auditors should be in a privileged position to assess the FSMS because they are more familiar with the organization than any 3rd party auditor, customer auditor or regulatory agency inspector. In most cases, if an organization has competent internal auditors, they are in a good position to find relevant gaps and therefore maintain and update a robust FSMS.

People appointed as internal auditors are not always well prepared to do audits. Some of them may have food safety knowledge (microbiology, toxicology, etc.) or knowledge of the FSMS requirements but they do not always have the knowledge, skills and behaviors to do a valuable internal audit. Due to the importance of the internal audit program and the advantage of having qualified people with knowledge on the organization's risks and areas of concern, a qualified food safety auditor is one key person in a FSMS.

The purpose of this training course is to explain the skills and techniques to do an internal audit adding value to the internal audit program not limiting the audit to the compliance part, but including important aspects like capability, effectiveness and continuous improvement. This course will give the participants the foundation to add value without compromising the integrity of the FSMS and without providing solutions to management.


Delivery options

This course can be delivered onsite or remotely:

  • Onsite (i.e. in your premises or a venue) training has a duration of 16 hours, split over 2 days.
  • Remote training (delivered via zoom), has a live duration of 12 hours. In addition to that, you will have to complete exercises on day one and two after our session (afternoon work).

We all know the limitations of remote training, for that reason, we will ask you to fully concentrate in the presentation and the exercises. We will prepare virtual breakout rooms and you will collaborate with other people in the completion of those exercises. In some instances, you will have to present your work or the work of your team. The use of your camera is optional.


People interested in taking this course needs to have practical knowledge of the standard and its clauses. Otherwise, there is a high risk of not being able to understand the concepts and principles related to the Food Safety Management Systems. So, it is highly recommended to take our training course "C2002 - Implementing FSSC 22000, A practical approach" before attempting the Internal Auditor class.

Target Audience

This course is aimed to people interested in becoming Internal Auditors and Consultants.

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